Sunday, January 22, 2012

"visions from the 11th dimension" series

Here is one I've been slowly working on.  Visions from the 11th dimension. 
So I feel like its done.  I put in another layer.  I practiced a few techniques on this one that I will use in the future.  Some of these geometric pictures are just a way for me to try new techniques without having to worry about messing up a painting.  Feb 12, 2012

Anatomy 101

I've done a second anatomy drawing.  I have a few ideas to change up the paper so it looks really old.  Plus I might do some strange/morbid anatomy.  My show at Muddy Waters was extended till Jan 30th.  So you got another week to get down there... .

Here is one I've done of a newborns skull. The skull stays soft and the plates fuse together and harden after birth so the head can get threw the birth canal. The baby in the womb is from a Davinci sketch book. I also stained the paper with coffee to give it a old and worn look.  3-10-2012

Here is one of the human heart. Again I stained the paper w coffee to give it a old look.  The picture doesn't show the staining.