Sunday, March 20, 2011

Panda Painting

So I started with an idea at work

I draw it a few time so I have a good idea of how I want to lay it out.   I used a 24"x24" canvas.  Sanded it with fine grit sand paper and a layer of gesso.  Then sanded it again for a really smooth surface.  Next I draw my picture and start with the background.
Now I start on shadows.  To make a nice reflection I repeat any shadow work I do on the panda in the water.  Then I started on painting in the fur.

I took a fan brush and cut the bristles so they were all uneven to make a more realistic fur look.  This also works good for painting grass.  

Added in the eyes and worked on the reflection.   And to finish it I added in a layer of blue and white to the water to give it more detail.  I used only 3 colors on this one, mars black, titanium white and cerulean blue hue.  I wanted to work on getting as many different tones from just 3 colors as I could.